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Winter health: Til laddu is really good



In the cold season, the body requires as much heat. Equally, there is also a need to improve immunity. This is so that you may prevent the problem of being sick again and again. Also, you should not have any form of illness. For this, you need to incorporate Til Laddu in your diet. Eating sesame laddus in winter will not only keep your body warm, but also build immunity and all the advantages will also be available to your health.

Let us tell you that both sesame and jaggery are rich in all kinds of nutrients. Which help in bringing many benefits to health simultaneously. On the one hand, nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin E and selenium are found in sesame. So, jaggery is also rich in nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and iron. Both these things play a special role in keeping you fit in the winter season. Let us know what are the health benefits of eating sesame seeds.

bones become stronger

Bones get strong by eating sesame seeds. They contain a lot of calcium properties which prove to be helpful in strengthening bones. Along with this, these laddus also work to improve the bone mineral density.

reduce inflammation

In the winter season, many people also have the problem of swelling in the body. Sesame laddoos also play a good role in removing this problem and pain. If you want that there is no swelling and pain in your body, then for this you can include sesame seeds in your diet.

maintain cholesterol level

Heart problems start increasing during the winter season, one of the reasons for which is not maintaining the cholesterol level. Cholesterol level is maintained by eating sesame seeds. Due to which the risk of getting heart related problems is reduced.


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