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Use these tips to stop spreading of omnicron corona virus

Amidst the increasing cases of Omicron, there is once again an atmosphere of panic among people regarding the corona epidemic. Cold cough bothers the most in cold. In such a situation, you should take utmost care of your throat and lungs. Apart from food and drink, you should also adopt some home remedies to prevent winter infections. The problem of cold, sore throat, fever and many types of infections increases in cold. All these diseases are related to the throat, lungs and respiratory tract. Infection caused by corona virus also affects the throat, lungs and respiratory system the most. In such a situation, you can take care of your lungs, nose and throat with some surefire tips. Let’s know.

1- Drink hot water- If you make a habit of drinking hot water in the morning, then it can keep you healthy for a long time. Drinking hot water kills bacteria and fungus in the throat. By drinking hot water, obesity increases and weight is also reduced. Make a habit of drinking hot water in the morning in the changing weather.

2- Must take steam- In case of sore throat or any other kind of problem, take steam. Steam brings out the mucus accumulated in the lungs and also provides relief in cold and cough. You can also put ajwain in water while taking steam. Taking steam also clears the throat and breath.

3- Take deep and long breath- A healthy body is also related to the breath to a large extent. The deeper you breathe, the more oxygen will go to the body. By getting the right oxygen to the body, the lungs and other organs also work properly. Therefore, a habit of taking long deep breaths should be made.

4- Do yoga and exercise- You must exercise regularly to stay healthy. You can also take the help of yoga for breathing exercises. This strengthens your lungs. Yoga keeps the body healthy. You should do pranayama in the open air for 15-20 minutes every day. You can also stay healthy by doing household chores. To stay healthy, it is important to exercise and be active.

5- Eat ginger garlic- To drive away cold-cough in winter, definitely consume ginger garlic in food. Ginger garlic keeps the body warm and immunity is strong. You can use honey and ginger juice to remove cough. Eating garlic reduces the problem of blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

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