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Tips for new mother to increase milk production

Many women who become new mothers complain about not making milk. mother’s milk Babies is the first base for. According to medical science, up to six months after the birth of the baby Breast milk Apart from this, there is no need to feed the baby anything. It is the first source of nutrients for children. prolactin and oxytocin hormones Due to which milk is made in the mother’s body, due to which the babies get nutrients. Every mother has to breastfeed her baby 8 to 10 times a day, but sometimes due to imbalance in hormones, milk is not produced in sufficient quantity. To get rid of these problems, there are some things that consume milk in sufficient quantity. So let us tell about those things from which mother’s milk will be made in sufficient quantity.

Cumin Panjiri

Indian Express According to the news of this, women who have become new mothers from long ago in their country are given cumin seeds to drink. five to six days after delivery JaggeryCumin and dry fruits are mixed together and given to the newly born mother. Cumin helps in milk production.


Mothers who have problem in the flow of milk, they should consume garlic. One bud of garlic should be grated and consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. This makes the flow of milk faster. Almonds should also be consumed 15-20 minutes after eating garlic.


Oats and whole grains are very beneficial in increasing milk. in these beta glucan (beta glucan) is found which increases the hormone prolactin, which increases the production of milk.

Roasted Sesame

The consumption of roasted sesame and fennel is also helpful in increasing milk.

Pumpkin Shake

Pumpkin or pumpkin shake is the easiest way to increase milk. It contains milk, carrot, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, honey Shake shake is made by mixing etc. By consuming it, milk starts making fast in the memory gland. Actually this shake is called Pumpkin Spike Lactation Shake. Coconut milk, mango, carrot, cinnamon and honey are mixed with Pumpkin.

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