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Side Effects of lemon water

Lemon is very beneficial for health. Vitamin C is abundant in it. Apart from this, it also has many benefits for the body. It is advisable to take lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning. It is also true that if lemon juice is consumed in the prescribed limit, it benefits the body a lot, but if lemon water is consumed in excess, instead of getting benefit from it, the body may have to suffer. Its excessive consumption can also lead to stomach related problems along with teeth.
Well, there are many benefits of drinking lemon water. When taken in prescribed quantity, it cures our digestion problem. This increases our immunity. Along with this, lemonade also protects us from the problem of dehydration. But it is beneficial only when it is not used excessively.

Drinking too much lemon water can cause these damages

1. Dehydration – Although lemonade is drunk only to hydrate the body, but drinking more lemon water causes us to urinate again and again. Due to this, excess amount of water can be released from the body and our body can increase the risk of getting dehydrated. The condition of being dehydrated sometimes proves to be very fatal.

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2. Wound – Although drinking lemon water increases the immunity of the body, but taking it continuously in large quantities can increase the burning sensation and pain in small wounds. Not only this, consuming too much of it can also work to increase canker sores.

3. Acidity – Lemonade every morning keeps digestion good. But people who continue to have gas problems, they should consume lemonade in a very limited amount. Drinking more lemonade can increase their acidity or gas problem. This can have a direct effect on the digestion system.

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4. Teeth – Excessive use of lemon water can weaken our bones. Actually, lemon contains a lot of citric acid. It can make our teeth bones weak. In such a situation, the consumption of excessive lemonade should always be avoided.

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