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Punjab industry ask channi to rethink his decision of fixing local quote in private sector

Punjab industrialists have come forward to oppose Punjab chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi’s proposal to fix the job quota for Punjabis in the private sector in the state stating that the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the state have over 70% migrated workers and proposed law is unconstitutional.
All Industries and Trade Forum has written a letter to the chief minister requesting him to refrain from coming up with the local Punjabi workers’ quota law in the private sector stating that the industries will be forced to close down if the government forces them to fix the quota for local workers. President of the forum Badish Jindal, in his letter, mentioned that industries of Punjab are fully dependent upon the migrated labour. “There are around 30 lakh migrated workers in the state and around six lakh have settled their families permanently in Punjab,” said Jindal. He added that as per a study carried out by the Centre for Development Economics and Innovation Studies of the Punjabi University at Patiala, 70% of the people coming to the cities are from outside the state and only 30% belong to the rural Punjab. Jindal informed the chief minister that the MSME sector in Punjab is having 70% to 90% migrated workers, while the large and medium industries have 30% to 60% migrated workers in their industries.
“The 90% of unskilled workers in industries are migrated and almost 60% are semi-skilled and 30% skilled workers are migrated labourers. They have been working in Punjab since decades and now their second or third generations are working in industries in Punjab,” he added. Jindal also apprised the chief minister that industries feel it is convenient to hire migrated labour due to their cost and work efficiency and even the migrated workers are hardly involved in the trade union politics in Punjab.
“The proposed law is not only against constitutional provisions but also sovereignty and basic principle of meritocracy that Act as the foundation for businesses to grow and remain competitive,” said Jindal. He added that almost 20% of Punjabis are working in other states and overseas countries so such policies may also impact the future of migrated Punjabis staying in other parts of the country or in other countries. Jindal also said that even the same quota politics was tried by the Haryana government by fixing the quota of 75% for local workers but that was strongly opposed.

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