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Non veg food and environment

Nature has given us everything. If we use it properly then we will never be short of food and our Health (Health) will also be right. But if we start playing with nature, then in return nature will wreak havoc on us. Nowadays our diet Nature is not compatible. for the past few decades we Non-veg Food But they are breaking but they are causing more harm to our nature. It has been revealed in a study that non-veg food is 59 percent more than vegetarian food. green house gases is a participant in the emission of greenhouse gas). That is, non-veg food is very harmful for the environment. The gas which is responsible for heating our atmosphere is called greenhouse gas.

vegetarian diet eco friendly

ht According to the news of the University of Leeds, on the basis of their study, researchers have claimed that the more healthy and nutrient-rich food we eat, the more we Environment While eating non-veg will emit more greenhouse gases. The study said that food production is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. About one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions food production Happens only because of. An earlier study also said that the same eco-friendly food is right which is less processed, which has low energy density and which is rich in nutrients. Apart from this, the diet of 212 adults was also analyzed.

Non-veg food emits 59 percent more greenhouse gases

The study, led by lead researcher Dr Holly Rippin, analyzed 3233 food items and tried to find out which of these food items emit how many greenhouse gases. After this it was found that non-vegetarian diet emits 59 percent more greenhouse gas than vegetarian diet. The study also revealed many other startling facts.

Men emit more greenhouse gases than women

The study claimed that men’s diets emit 41 percent more greenhouse gases than women’s diets. This is because men consume more meat in their diet. The study also found that people who consume saturated fat, carbohydrates and sodium according to the World Health Organization’s standard, they emit less greenhouse gases than people who consume more than the standard. In the study, people were advised that people should include more and more plant-based food in their diet. It is also eco-friendly and full of nutrients.

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