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Natural Energy Drinks

Many such cold drinks in the market in the name of giving energy to the body They are found which harm instead of benefiting the body. Knowing this, they are consumed by people. But to keep the body healthy, it is necessary to consume cold drinks instead of carbonated drinks. Let’s say natural drinks Not only are they full of flavor, but they also boost the energy of the body.The specialty of most natural drinks is that they do not increase the blood sugar level in the body like flavored and processed drinks and are quite healthy.

According to nutritionist Lavneet Batra, natural drinks work to boost the body’s energy. She shared 5 natural energy drinks in one of her Insta posts. Information has also been shared about these, which keep the blood sugar under control as well as fill the body with energy. Let us know about those natural drinks.

1. Coconut Water – Coconut water is considered to be the best natural health drink. If the body is feeling tired due to more workouts or running or any other reason, then after drinking coconut water, fatigue goes away. Coconut water may contain more than 90 percent water, but it is rich in minerals. It is naturally sweet and contains 10 times more potassium.

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2. Jaljeera – If you want to refresh yourself with a slightly astringent taste, then Jaljeera can be a perfect natural energy booster health drink. Let us tell you that cumin is an important spice of Indian kitchen. It is very beneficial for the body. It is very helpful in improving our digestion system. The ingredients present in it give a lot of benefit when it comes to abdominal crmes. However, it is always better to consume Jaljeera in limited quantity.

3. Sugarcane Juice – Sugarcane juice is naturally a great energy booster health drink. Consumption of sugarcane juice is very beneficial in the summer season. It is rich in iron, protein, potassium and other essential nutrients which are essential for a perfect health drink. Sugarcane juice is effective in removing dehydration and fatigue.

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4. Kombucha – Kombucha is basically a fermented tea. It has many nutritional properties. It contains B vitamins, glucuronic acid and a lot of antioxidant rich polyphenols. It also contains probiotic bacteria and acetic acid which works to increase the energy of our body.

5. Sattu – Sattu is considered the protein of ‘poor people’. Nutrients are present in abundance in Sattu. It contains iron, magnesium, manganese. It also contains a small amount of sodium. It not only provides instant energy to the body but it also helps in keeping the body cool. This is the reason why sattu is eaten in summer. It relaxes the internal organs.

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