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Music and heart health: the connection

Whenever we are listening to a good song, our brain releases dopamine. It is also called the happy hormone. The happy hormone is very effective in increasing happiness and excitement. So whenever we listen to a good song, our mood changes and we start feeling happy from inside. Music helps in improving your mood as well as maintaining heart health. Music also has a great impact on our lives. This makes the mind sharp and sharp. Let’s know the many benefits of music..

maintain heart health
People who have any heart related disease should listen to a lot of songs. A study has found that when we are listening to our favorite song, our brain releases a hormone called endorphin. This hormone is helpful in getting rid of heart related problems.

keep your mind young
According to a study, music always keeps the brain healthy. Research says that listening to a song is like an exercise of the brain.

keep immunity strong
Listening to music is very important to keep the immune system healthy. It reduces the secretion of stress hormones in the body which is responsible for weakening the immunity.

keep depression away
Music can prove to be very effective in relieving anxiety and keeping the mood right. According to a study, music has a very positive effect on our mood and quality of life.

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