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Iron Deficiency: Problems and Solutions

Minerals are very important to keep the body healthy. If there is a deficiency of any one mineral in your body, then many diseases can arise. Iron is also included in the essential minerals for the body. Iron helps in making the body strong. Iron deficiency affects many parts of the body. Iron deficiency leads to less blood loss, due to which hemoglobin also decreases. Iron is needed to meet the lack of oxygen in the body and to deliver oxygen to all the organs. Iron deficiency causes anemia, decreased energy level, tiredness and weakness throughout the day. Iron is also essential for the proper development of mother and baby during pregnancy. Know what are the symptoms of iron deficiency and why iron is so important for the body.

Iron Deficiency Symptoms

1- Fatigue, headache and dizziness.
2- Difficulty in breathing and restlessness.
3- Hair fall, dandruff and graying.
4- Irritability in nature.
5- Skin discoloration and dryness.
6- Nails turning white.
7- Chest pain and palpitations.
8- Cold hands and feet.
9- Thinking ability will be affected.
10- Less oxygen reaching the lungs and difficulty in breathing.

10 benefits of iron in the body

1- Iron helps in delivering oxygen to the body properly. If oxygen does not reach properly, then other parts of the body are affected.
2- The problem of hair loss can be overcome with iron. This makes the hair strong and soft.
3- Iron provides energy both physically and mentally. Helps to relieve fatigue and irritability.
4- Your skin starts glowing with iron. The yellow color of the skin and the dark circles falling under the eyes are removed.
5- Any kind of injury heals quickly when there is plenty of iron in the body. Red blood cells start forming quickly to heal the wound with iron.
6- Having enough iron in the body of children helps in increasing appetite. Iron is very important for the health of children.
7- Iron helps the bones and muscles to function. Due to this, the pain in the muscles also goes away.
8- Iron is also necessary to improve the immunity of the body. Iron also strengthens immunity.
9- Iron is essential for the proper development of the baby during pregnancy. Lack of iron in the mother’s body increases the risk of anemia in the baby.
10- Consumption of iron also provides relief in mood swings in women during periods. This removes irritability.

Disclaimer: Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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