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How to Stop Gaining Weight In Winter

The bitter cold, the quilt and the hot food sitting in it is best liked in the winter days. There is hardly any better way to relax in the cold. In winter, one gets to eat a wonderful dish. Eating hot parathas, creamy soups, gajaks, patties, leek ladoos, gajar ka halwa and hot gulab jamuns makes it difficult to resist, but do you know these things make you gain weight very fast along with taste. Is.

Actually, there are three reasons for increasing obesity in winter. First of all, our metabolism becomes very slow in winter. Due to which the food gets digested late and turns into fat. Second, physical activity decreases a lot in winter, which causes weight gain and the third reason is that we eat more in winter. In such a situation, if you want to prevent weight gain in winter, it is necessary to eat it carefully. It’s not like we’re stopping you from eating your favorite things. We are only advising that whatever you eat, try to make it healthy and eat it in limited quantity. Know what are the things that increase weight in winter.

Creamy Soup- It is fun if you get hot soup in cold. But if you drink soup rich in cream daily, then you can gain weight. To stay fit, you should drink plain and vegetable-rich soup. This will help in keeping the body warm, healthy and fit.

Sweet in winter Everyone likes to eat Gulab Jamun and Carrot Halwa in winters. Apart from this, people also eat jaggery patti, sesame ki gajak and lit laddus. These things lead to rapid weight gain. In such a situation, you must taste them, but keep in mind the quantity and how often you are eating it.

Stuffed Parathas- Parathas are eaten a lot in winter. Paranthas are definitely made in every house for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In winter, people like to eat parathas of fenugreek, bathua, radish, cabbage and carrots. They are also very healthy, but if you are filling the parantha with butter or ghee, then it will not delay the weight gain. That’s why you eat stuffed roti and apply some butter on top.

tea or coffee- In winters, he likes to drink ginger tea or hot coffee. This brings warmth to the body. But if you are drinking more tea or coffee than necessary, then it can increase the weight. Tea or coffee leads to sugar in the body which increases obesity. If you drink more tea or coffee, then try to drink without sugar.

Disclaimer: Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.


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