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Home Remedies For Increase Appetite

 Many times you must have heard people say, I do not feel hungry or do not feel like eating food. So some people also say that they do not even feel like seeing food. At the same time, there are no less people who sit down to eat food but get up after eating a little. So to get rid of this problem of yours, here we are telling you some home remedies. By adopting which your problem will go away in a few days. Let us know about these home remedies.

Green tea will help

Green tea can help you to overcome the problem of loss of appetite and not eating food. For this you start consuming green everyday. With this, the problem of loss of appetite will go away, as well as increasing immunity, it will also bring many other benefits to health. If you drink tea with normal milk, then you can adopt green tea instead.

lemonade will work

Lemon water can also be useful in reducing your problem. For this, start consuming lemonade daily. Due to this you will also start feeling hungry and seeing the food, you will also feel like eating it. Along with this, lemon water will also help you in providing many benefits to your health.

Ajwain will help

Ajwain will remove the problem of your loss of appetite in a few days. For this, you can consume half a teaspoon of carom seeds with black salt daily. If you have problems like gas, indigestion in the stomach, then you will get rid of these problems easily.

use triphala powder

You can take the help of Triphala churna to overcome the problem of loss of appetite and lack of desire to eat food. For this, you can consume one teaspoon Triphala powder with lukewarm water daily. Along with opening the appetite, it will also help in protecting the health from many other types of problems.

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