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Hand Grenades Have Been found in Gurdaspur

Hand grenades have been recovered during recovery from two youths caught by police station Bhaini Mian Khan in Gurdaspur. So far the police is not ready to tell anything in this regard, but according to the sources, this recovery has been done in the police station Bhaini Khan area.

Due to the alert, inter-district nakas have been set up by Gurdaspur Police. On Sunday night, the police station Bhaini Mian Khan arrested both Raj Singh alias Shindu son Phuman Singh and Jasmeet Singh alias Jagga son Santokh Singh, both residents of Badi Miyani Tanda (district Hoshiarpur) with a motorcycle from T Point Dhussi Dam Salahpur Bet. A pistol was recovered from these youths. The police got four days’ remand in this regard. During the remand, the police have recovered hand grenades from Bhaini Mian Khan area on the spot of these youths. Raj Singh alias Shindu was lodged in the Central Jail Hoshiarpur in the murder case and has come out on bail for the last few days.

According to the police, his maternal brother Sonu resident Nihalewala police station Sadar (Firozpur) was also with him. There are already many cases registered against Sonu and it has links with smugglers from Pakistan. It was Sonu who got the matter of Raj and Sonu’s son Gurbachan Singh resident of Abdullapur police station Tanda to the Pakistani smugglers. On which Raj Singh came out of jail on bail and contacted his known Pakistani smugglers and with the help of Pakistani smugglers had sent arms and explosives to India. On Saturday, Raj Singh was coming from Gurdaspur side with his partner Jasmeet Singh alias Jagga on a motorcycle to carry out any incident in the area. Gurdaspur police caught him and saved him from carrying out a big crime.

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