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Follow These Tips In Winter To Protect Your Eyes From Any Damage

How Winter Affects Your Eyesight: Eyes are considered to be one of the most delicate parts of the body. It is said that eyes are one of the most beautiful creations of God. We use many types of cosmetic to decorate it. But, sometimes along with changing the weather, it can also cause many serious problems. Yes.. you read it absolutely right. Eyes need special care in cold weather. Due to the changing weather, there is a bad effect on the eyes. If not taken care of at the right time, it can turn into a serious problem. So let’s know about the serious damage to the eyes in cold and its prevention-

This is how the weather affects the eyes
If you wear contact lenses, then you need to take special care of your eyes. Constantly wearing contact lenses in the eyes in cold weather can cause many problems. There may be problems like burning in the eyes, tears. It can also cause problems like redness in the eyes.

Protect your eyes like this-

Protect eyes from drying
In the winter season, many people also face the problem of eye dryness. The natural moisture of the eyes starts decreasing. Due to the cold and dry air, the eyes start losing moisture. Due to this the moisture present in the eyes ends and dryness and grittiness starts in the eyes. So try to keep yourself in a warm environment. If it is very cold, walk with goggles on the eyes.

Avoid touching your eyes again and again
Do not touch your eyes again and again with your hands in cold weather. Germs, viruses and dirt present in the hands cause a lot of damage to the eyes. Along with this, it can also cause problems like viral keratitis.

protect yourself like this
To protect yourself in cold weather, first of all, cover your hands and feet properly. This will not make you feel cold. Sometimes when you feel very cold, you start having tears in your eyes. So try to protect yourself from the cold.
During winter, the level of pollution in many cities like Delhi increases a lot. Try to get out of the house only after properly covering the eyes in case of excessive pollution.
It is very important to keep the face properly moisturized in the cold season. It also affects the eyes due to skin dryness. Try to save dryness by applying the cream properly on the skin and face area in the cold.

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