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Fake laughter exercise

Whenever we talk to people and as soon as the opportunity for some joke comes, we start laughing again and again. This is a normal process of conversation but sometimes without any reason we have to Laugh at Does matter. Because all the people present there are laughing, so we also have to pretend to laugh. If you also do this, then there is no mistake in it, but it only benefits you. A new research has revealed that even if you laugh a fake laugh, even then it can get rid of anxiety and stress. Laughing is the best way to relieve stress and anxiety excercise (exercise) is. Although the practice of laughter has been considered essential in Indian Yoga since long ago. But now laughter therapy is being given place in foreign countries. Recently in Brighton, UK, Laughter Therapy has been included after the sixth grade. Laughter therapy, also known as Laughter yoga, involves the practice of bringing laughter to the face. In this one has to do ha ha ha while clapping or dancing. It has been said in the report that doing ha ha ha is also equal

Laughter occurs on average 17 times a day
daily Mail According to the report published in this article, laughing is a very good exercise for the overall benefit of the body. According to the report, a normal adult laughs an average of 17 times a day. Laughter has many effects on the body. the stress Helps to escape. Robin Dunbar, Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Oxford University, said that the physical activity of laughing pumps the diaphragm present in the lungs. Due to this, the negative air present in the lungs starts to drain. In this process, endorphin chemicals are released from the brain, which helps in relieving stress.

Lower stress levels due to nitric oxide
Endorphins are very relaxing for the whole body. This reduces the level of stress-causing cortisol hormone and gives happiness to the mind. Nitric oxide is released due to endorphins, which reduces the tension in the muscles. As soon as it leaves, the event of tension starts immediately. Due to nitric oxide, blood vessels also start dilating. This is the reason why the practice of laughing also lowers blood pressure.

the hypothalamus of the brain is activated
Professor Sophie Scott of the University College London explains why laughing has a positive effect on eliminating stress, it is not known, but it is clear that due to the activities of laughing. The hypothalamus of the brain gets activated which helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

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