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Early detection of breast cancer at home can prevent it

Like the world, now a new trend is being seen in India regarding breast cancer. Cases of this disease have started increasing in the country even among women around the age of 30. At the same time, women above 50 years are already in the grip of this disease. In such a situation, it is worrying now that young women and young women are in the grip of breast cancer. Due to lifestyle, stress, running away and carelessness of women towards their own body, breast cancer is coming less in rural women while the most in urban women. Therefore, experts say that to prevent this, women themselves have to be aware.

Dr. Ramesh Sarin, Surgical Oncologist at Delhi-based Apollo Hospital, says that in a city like India, where women’s health comes at the back with very low expenditure on health services, there is no open talk about diseases like breast cancer. This is the reason why women do not pay attention to the symptoms of this disease and refuse to express it even if they have the disease, so the disease progresses and becomes fatal. If women pay a little attention to their body and become aware, then it is quite easy to recognize this disease. Early diagnosis is most effective in eliminating this disease as soon as possible.

Dr. Sarin says that since breast cancer is increasing now and its treatment is also expensive, then women should catch this disease in the beginning, so that they can get cheaper and better treatment for it. Since mammograms done to check for breast cancer are a bit expensive, they can check their breasts at home using the methods prescribed by experts. They themselves can easily detect breast cancer or any other disease by examining the breasts once a month. This is called breast self examination.

How to check breast cancer at home
, Dr. Sareen says that the woman should first stand in front of the mirror. He should take off all the clothes on him. After this, take both your hands behind you and keep them on the hips. Now look carefully at your breasts in the mirror. During this, if there is a change in the size of the breasts, a change in one of the nipples, a stretch in the skin of the breast or a changing color of the skin of one breast, then it can be talked to the doctor about it.

Standing in front of the mirror, the woman should raise both her hands above her head. During this, both her breasts will be pulled upwards and will be visible in the mirror. During this, watch your breast and armpits carefully. If the size of both the breasts is slightly smaller and bigger but there is no lump or other problem then it is normal but if there is a lump or wart in the armpit ie underarm, there is frequent change in the size of nipple or breast, swelling If there is pain on pressing, the color of the skin is red, blood is coming from the nipple, the nipple is shrinking or if there is burning or dimpling in the skin, then consult a doctor. Breast pain is not cancer. Sometimes cancer reaches a very serious condition without pain.

.Doctor. Sarin says that even touching the breast can detect cancer. For this, the woman should lie down on the bed with the right side down and place a small pillow under the right shoulder. Now move the right hand from above the head to the other side, as if touching the left ear with the right hand. Now slowly with the tips of three fingers of the left hand, medicines to the right breast. First of all, press the nipple of the breast, then try pressing the area around the nipple of the breast. Now try touching and pressing the whole breast with little pressure. During this, if there is any lump or lump in the breast, then it will be known. Try this method with the other breast.

, Dr. Sarin says that during this type of examination, if a woman finds anything unusual in her breasts, such as the skin of one breast is getting thicker or its color is getting different from the other, if any on any side of the breast. A lump or lump is visible, if there is a change in the nipple, it is getting smaller or bigger or sinking inwards, or there is any discharge, especially bleeding, ulcer If there is a complaint of eczema or there is a complaint of eczema on the nipple, then all these are the early symptoms of breast cancer, which can be seen.

, Dr. says that there is no pain in the beginning of breast cancer lumps. You can see and feel them. From this, cancer can be predicted. On the other hand, if a woman has a lump in her underarm or armpit, then it can also be a symptom of breast or breast cancer. For this it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. Women should keep checking their breasts in this way on their own.

, Dr. Sareen says that women and girls should check their breasts every month without any shame or hesitation. It is very important for the prevention and treatment of disease.

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