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Drink adequate water in winter it is must

Drink maximum amount of water to maintain the beauty of the skin.  Lack of water makes the skin dry.  Wrinkles also fall on dry skin soon.  Therefore, drink water for moisture in the skin so that the skin remains shiny and young. Lack of water in the body also increases obesity.  By drinking enough water, weight is also controlled.  If you want, you can also fulfill the lack of water in the body through diet.  By including cucumber, watermelon, melon and other fruits in the food, water can be replenished.  Many types of green vegetables are available in the winter season, due to which the body

Another reason
Drinking water also depends on how your routine is.  If you do more physical work then your body needs more water.  Those who exercise ‍ should also drink plenty of water.  There is a lack of water in the body due to sweating, urine and metabolic function. That’s why it is important to drink more and more water.

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