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Corona Alert: Symptoms Of Omicron Variant

Omicron, the new variant of Kovid, has started spreading its terror all over the world. In many places it is being called the third wave of Corona. Concerns have increased among people around the world regarding the Omicron variant. Meanwhile, a doctor from South Africa has revealed its symptoms. These doctors are treating patients infected with this variant. Let us know about the symptoms of Omicron variants. This South African doctor says that many patients previously had unrecognized symptoms. However, the symptoms were mild and the patient made a complete recovery without being admitted to the hospital. According to the news of Hindustan Times, Angelique Coetzee, president of the South African Medical Association, said that she had seen 30 patients infected with this variant in the last 10 days, among them the symptoms of infection were also unfamiliar.

In a conversation with AFP about the new variant Omicron of Corona, Dr Angelique Coetzee said that extreme fatigue, muscle pain, sore throat and dry cough are being seen more in Omicron patients. At the same time, he told that in some patients the temperature was slightly higher. Coetzee had alerted the health officials that the current picture of Corona in the country is completely different from the old variant Delta. Although by that time scientists were already working on the variant.

Coetzee said- We are not saying that there will be no more serious diseases but for now even the patients we have seen who have not been vaccinated have mild symptoms. He is very sure that there are already many people in Europe who are infected with this new variant. Most of the patients Coetzee treated were men under the age of 40, and less than half of them had been vaccinated.

South Africa is being defamed
Coetzee said that South Africa is getting a lot of notoriety because of the Omicron variant. In such a situation, many countries have imposed a complete ban on travel to South Africa. South Africa has been started to be isolated. South Africa’s top health federation has expressed great concern over this.

Coetzee said – we discovered new variants
Angelique Coetzee, who is also the president of the South African Medical Association, said that South Africa should be praised and not condemned for the alertness shown by the scientists. In a conversation with a TV channel, he said- Our scientists are very cautious and are working very seriously in this matter. They suspect that hardly European countries have taken these symptoms seriously, due to which the Omicron variant is slowly spreading.

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