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Chocolates harms for kids

There is no age for people who are fond of eating chocolate, but most of the people who eat it are children. It has often been seen that parents convince their children by luring them with chocolates when they are a little upset or crying. And the kids agree too. This greed given by the parents later becomes a habit of the children. Children often start demanding chocolate. They get away from nutritious food and they like chocolate and food made from it. Such as pastries, chocolate biscuits, cookies, cakes, chocolate shakes etc. But do you know how harmful it can be to feed too much chocolate to young children? Featured in Only My Health news report In this, Dr. Smita Singh, Dietician of Wellness Diet Clinic, Lucknow has explained this in detail.

According to this news report, children who do not fill the stomach properly, they get satisfaction by eating chocolate, because chocolate is the main source of energy. By eating it, energy comes in the body immediately. At the same time, some children also like chocolate because they like its sweet taste, while some get addicted to eating chocolate. Due to which he feels like eating chocolate all the time. Know about the 5 disadvantages of chocolate.

risk of tooth loss
Eating more chocolate at a young age can cause cavity in the teeth first, the biggest reason for having cavity in the tooth is carelessness. Many parents do not rinse their children or do not take care of oral hygiene, due to which there is a risk of cavities in the teeth due to eating more sweets.

trouble sleeping
If the amount of caffeine is high in chocolate, then young children may have sleep issues, children may get disturbed during the night. Therefore, giving chocolate to young children at night should.

may be acidity
If babies eat more chocolate, then they may have acidity or stomach ache, chocolate is heavy for the stomach, in such a situation, after eating it, the problem of acidity or stomach pain can arise in babies. In such a situation, give the child as much water as possible.

obesity complaint
Eating more chocolate is injurious to health, if you are feeding chocolate to the child, it can increase the weight of the child and he will become a victim of obesity. Apart from obesity, the child may have problems like heartburn, headache, and nausea.

Sugar level may increase
Feeding chocolate can increase the blood glucose in the child’s body. Due to this, symptoms of obesity start appearing in children at an early age, due to which the symptoms of thyroid and diabetes can also increase in the future.

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