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Best Time To Eat For Weight Loss Diet Plan

stay fit and healthy for a long time, you need to take care of time along with diet. Everything in life has a rule, if you play with their rules, then you will have to face dire consequences. According to health experts, good health also depends on what you are eating and drinking. For weight loss, you should also set the time of your breakfast, lunch, dinner. This has a great impact on your fitness. If you eat food when you get time, then it is not right for health. If you are trying to reduce obesity then you need to work with diet and timetable. You will start seeing the difference in a few days.

3 hours difference between sleeping and eating

According to nutrition experts, after eating food, as long as your body remains active, the body burns calories. Calories that are not burned get stored as fat. Eating food before sleeping increases blood sugar and insulin. This can cause you trouble sleeping. That is why it is said that your dinner should be lighter than lunch and breakfast. You should have dinner about 3 hours before sleeping. Weight gain occurs due to late dinner.

Where is the research

It has been revealed in many researches that you should finish dinner before your body is ready for sleep. You should finish your last meal before the body starts releasing melatonin before sleeping. When it gets dark, the body starts releasing melatonin, which is also related to metabolism. When your brain is ready to sleep, the food turns into fat. This increases the risk of obesity.

Have dinner by 7 pm

You should have early dinner to lose weight. If you want to stay fit, then eat your food by 7 in the evening. This will be better on the digestive system and your food will be easily digested. Having an early dinner also helps in weight loss. If you have dinner late, then the food remains lying in the intestine, which affects your digestion. Having an early dinner does not store the food in the form of fat.

Disclaimer: Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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