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Best food for kids Physical And Mental Growth

It is very vital to deliver the correct food to the children right from the start
The appropriate diet aids in their physical and mental growth. 
Although nowadays youngsters enjoy junk food or outside food more. 
Things like pizza, burgers, pastries, chocolates and cakes not only impair the health of the child but also affect the physical and mental development. 
This sort of diet also decreases the immunity of youngsters.
Today we have collected10 superfoods for good growth of the youngster. 
You must include these substances in the baby’s diet. 
These superfoods are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which aid in the correct growth of the newborn. 
Let’s check it out.

1- Eggs- All the nutrients are essential for the health of children. You must feed eggs to children. Egg helps in proper development of children. Eggs contain high protein, vitamin-B, vitamin-D, omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid. Which helps in the mental development of the child. Eating eggs increases brain speed and efficiency. That is why eggs are called complete food.

2- Milk- The child is given only milk since childhood. Milk is considered as the complete food for the child till 6 months. Milk is very important for the proper development of the growing age children. The body gets plenty of calcium and vitamins from milk. Milk contains phosphorus and calcium which helps in keeping bones, nails and teeth healthy. Vitamin D is also found in milk. Milk is considered a complete food for the health of children.

3- Dry fruits- Dryfruits are very important for the development of children. Children should be fed almonds, cashews, figs and walnuts daily. Almonds and walnuts help in the development of the child’s brain. Children get energy by eating almonds and walnuts or other dry fruits. Eating nuts also helps in physical development.

4- Banana- The favorite fruit of children is banana. All children like this very much. Banana is also called super food. This helps in the development of growing children. By eating banana, the body gets vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, biotin and fiber. Banana contains glucose, which gives instant energy to children.

5- Fruits and vegetables- Children should be fed plenty of fruits and vegetables from childhood. Fruits and vegetables help in overall development. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, which protect the body from many types of infections and diseases. Apart from this, it also contains all the vitamins and plenty of fiber.

6- Berries- Children love to eat berries. You must include berries in the diet. You can give blueberries, strawberries and raspberries to children. Due to this, the body gets rich antioxidants. Berries are rich in potassium, vitamin C, fiber and carbohydrates. Eating berries helps in brain and physical development.

7- Sweet Potato- Children love to eat sweet potatoes. You must include sweet potato i.e. sweet potato in the diet of children from the very beginning. Sweet potatoes provide fiber, calcium and vitamin A. By eating this, children get instant energy. You can fry sweet potatoes or boil them and give them to children.

8- Ghee- Ghee helps a lot in the brain development of children. Ghee contains DHA and good fat which is essential for the health of children. You should include desi ghee in baby’s diet from the very beginning. Ghee has antifungal, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Due to which the immunity, eyes and digestion of children remains good. Bones also become strong by eating ghee.

9- Yogurt- Children must be fed curd from the very beginning. Eating curd strengthens the immune system. Yogurt has antibacterial properties, due to which stomach problems and other diseases stay away. Yogurt contains protein, lactose, iron, phosphorus, which keeps the mind and stomach good.

10- Oats- Kids love oats a lot. Oats contain soluble fiber and beta-glucan, which prevent heart diseases. By eating oats, children get instant energy. There are many other benefits of oats as well. Therefore, include oats in the diet of children.

Disclaimer:Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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